Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 225: One Giant Leap

One small step for the Mom, one giant leap for the Luke... is one thing I keep forget to tell you. Well, not so much I forget but it sometime unbecomin to pat self on back but in this case I will...

For first month of Bleu tenure here, I rush through meal for opportunity at his (he slow eater so can you blame me?)... and the Mom she detain me after my meal by makin me sit and shake and other and down and sit and shake and... you get picture till the Bleu finish his bowl.

Well... last week or so, the Mom not detain me no more. And I been respectin Bleu's right to his bowl. I either stay wif the Mom in the kitchen or I walk right past him wifout pokin my nose toward it.

And the Bleu, who used to walk away from food in his bowl to try keep peace... he just keep eatin when I walk by on a counta he trust me now too.

Might not seem like much to you but that on a counta you don't know how much the Luke love to eat! I never meant to be mean about it, I just all ways figured I hungrier than the Bleu!

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