Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 206: Dogs Wif Blogs

I am truly honored to be welcomed into and included wif elite group of Dogs Wif Blogs!

Golden Boy Luke gone global and best part is I make more friends all round the world!

You know how I love
my buddy Dino in Taipei... and now I make friends wif pretty Golden girl Amber-Mae who live in Selangor, Malaysia... and also a fun family called The Four Musketeers what are two mini Shnowzers and two Goldens who live in Singapore.

I say it over and over... but it good to be Luke.

And not many times do I have urge to ring up Chapter One and just let em know how I rise above in spite of how long I was held down.

I try not to but sometime imagine they probably think I either been put to eternal nap or aggrivatin someone else right now like they think I did them.
Sometime I don't want em to know how ultra-uber-utterly-over-the-top wonderful life is for me now, and sometime I do.

Sometime I want em to feel good bout finally makin right decision to let me be all I posed to be but still feel bad on a counta all they missed by stiflin me... and sometime I just want em to continue their life what was so easy to reject my needs for eight plus years and not look back... on a counta I try not to.

And that make me reflect on all that make Luke... Luke. And I sometime wish I been here all my life so I could be here longer cause I love this life and this Mom wif all fiber of my bein and just wish forever was longer... ya know?

But if not for all that stuff, I might not truly appreciate all it mean to be
Dog Wif Blog!

(I'm listed on
Page 6 and am #1093... and that means there's almost 1100 friends for me to make and blogs for you to check out!)

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