Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 201: Tricity Problems Too

We got em and we been waitin on this person and that all day today. Tricity problems ain't good not one bit at all, but golden linin to the black cloud is that the Mom been here all day.

Bad part is it been rainy out of doors and me and the Bleu went out of doors few times but mostly been in bedroom wif doors shut so trician could do his checkin. And phhhhew... it smell like wet dog in here on a counta Bleu. Just sayin.

Shoulda seen when the trician open bedroom door to work in here! I sprang into action ready to help! The Mom say no, though... she say if I know how to fix problem, I shoulda done it yesterday.

Ok, point taken.

So now after much ado about somefin, seem like it problem wif
Mr. Point and we been waitin on him bout 8 hours now. Not surprised. Could be 17 days based on past experience!

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