Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 197: I Love Holidays!

One thing what I learn lately is that I love holidays! And I guess I been so busy enjoyin em I begun to take em for granted... till today when the Mom got up early wifout alarm goin off but got dressed still and went to factory.

I guess I knew this day was a comin on a counta life could not ever keep bein so good as it been this last coupla weeks... but kinda came as surprise, too.

The Mom only work half day but felt like whole and me and the Bleu met her at door wif dancin and partyin when she come home!

We settlin in for first family weekend what include the Luke and the Mom and her other son... the Bleu!

And now she ask me please sign off so she can work on GRRH updates and so I will...

I keep journal by paw ever day and can post at my will and whim... but GRRH got sweet boys and girls what need immediate attention and posting on a counta they need new life what the Luke got some 197 days ago!


Dino and Family said...

Happy Healthy 2009 to you Luke and your wonderful family! I am glad you had a great time over the holidays. I cross my paws that your friends at GRRH find their forever homes soon! Take care, buddy! Love, Dino

The Luke said...

Hey My Good Friend Dino! Happy Healthy New Year too!

Thanks for well wishes for my GRRH cousins, and I hope so too but I tell the Mom we need "no vacancy" sign as me and the Bleu make wall to wall golden retrievers and you should see how full the bed is at night!

I keep diggin for Taipei durin thunderstorms. Have not made it yet, but don't give up on me... I might pop through your floor one storm soon!

Love, Luke