Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 221: The Mom Need Doctor

The Mom get up late this mornin, cough, snort, blow, spit... then call factory and whisper she stay home today. She manage outs and ins and breakfast needs of me and the Bleu and then we all go back to settle in lazily for day.

But then the Mom grab phone dial number make pointment wif doctor for late afternoon and I glad on a counta worry me some when ole gal park self in bed utter no sound... .

But then we go all go back sweep.

And then late afternoon come round and the Mom drag herself up from deafbed and much to Luke surprise, she grab leash and load me in the trolley.

Bleu wanna go but he well behaved and got good self esteem and he ok wif bein left home. I on other hand know the Mom way too sick she not go see doc alone no way no how.

For good measure, my good boy behavior return when in car by self wif the Mom. I quiet. After all... she need me.

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