Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 221: Shock And Awe... Dismay, Anger and OUCH!

It very traumatic afternoon, we home now and I try forget... but not so easy...

1. We not go see the Mom doc we go see the Luke doc.

2. No waitin room big enough for pit bull mama + 10 puppies + 2 weimeraners + 2 bird dogs + 1 cat... + the Luke. Bit traumatizin and way too much to protect the Mom from when not feelin so good in general and then got big sore bobo on hiney.
3. It just horrible experience. The Luke scared and hurt. The doc try heal bobo but kinda upset wif the Luke for he growlin and screamin. The tech kinda scared and tired of holdin me down. And the Mom... she not just sick wif sickness but also half barassed half heart torn to shred from witness my pain.

4. All that and then pay big money for the sperience. The Mom say it all her fault on a counta she thought she could heal bobo... but guess it kinda the Luke fault mostly on a counta it not bear what bit me this time... it was me and my lickin.

We get back in car and we spress love (after I drink bout quart of water) like two what been separated by world war and it felt like one. Horrific day what I hope never repeat. Guess I need to stop lickin bobos on myself.

Just glad be home wif the Bleu where we boaf belong!!!

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