Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Nine: Random Thoughts

Lots-o-activity around here:
  1. Guess we're 'spectin a storm, cause the Mom cancelled birfday plans with Aunt Dav, but she ran outta here like lightnin' bolt to get the trolley what she called 'spected.
  2. Mom's got a pair of noya, and I'm just now figurin' it out. Ya see, several days ago, she stuffed tennis shoes under every door. Thought she was nuts at the time, but after where I've been, I figured... 'to each his own'. Now she's stuffin' rubber wedgy things under all of our doors! She don't seem to like the fit though. Nuts and noya, I tell ya!
  3. Workers 'round here bangin' on thangs. Even dismantled the big ole redwood rathouse. Hate I had to watch from the inside!
  4. Ain't been at this fabulous summer camp long, but thought leash was for NORTH of camp, not south.
  5. Anyone with Aunt Melinda's contact info... please pass it along to me by leaving a comment here. Had no idea as to the implications of the car ride. Left my cell phone, day planner and wallet behind. I'm SURE she's trying to get in touch with me.
  6. One thing I need to ask her is... would she be willin' to take in the Mom, too? I mean... carry the two, that makes them sisters, right? It thunders a lot here, not today but most others, and I think if me and the Mom bunk together... we should be no trouble? Just a thought. Aunt Melinda?!

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