Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day Two: Four Paw Summer Camp

Sound sleep yields a happy rising. And boy-o-boy am I happy this morning!

The day vacation trolley does not seem to be boarding passengers today, so this must be one of those Dog Spaws or Summer Camps I've read about. It's missing some of the perks of my stay at
Pet Paradise... no big wide open spaces and no cement pond, bone shaped or otherwise. But there's a lot of head and ear rubbing here, and the service is good. Ain't bad, overall. I give it four paws.

Breakfast in my belly, I trotted around the yard, smelling what I smelt. Can't hide my interest in wildlife! Morning brought the intense activity of the resident squirrels, and I gave em a run up the tree and across the power line!

Inside now and wanting to take a nap, but Mom's been busy reading email and talking to Aunts Melinda and Karen. Relatives sure talk a lot, don't they? "Luke this and Luke that", "thunder", "Uncle Tom and Aunt Madison said in their email", "bad timing", "Luke's blog"...

What??? They know about my blog? And I don't hear a hint of anger, only pride and laughter! I've been unleashed!

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