Friday, June 27, 2008

Day Eight: Golden In A China Closet

No way I could lie to ya. My upbringin' is too well documented.

I ain't from around here. Not well travelled nor cultured. What I got I got by Divine nature. (God bless her).

And I ain't never been in any place remotely similar to
Briargrove Pharmacy, but Doc Banks and Leslie insisted that I would be welcome... so in the doors me and the somewhat hesitant Mom went. And it was great right from the start.

Greeted at the door by a nice young fellow who not only showered me with attention and compliments but also COOKIES... and I'm thinking, BIG CITY GOOD!

I felt the ties that bind tighten as we walked toward the back of this fine establishment, between shelves of interesting sights and smells. And here's how it went down:

M (Mom): We're here to pick up a prescription for Luke Wright.

PT (Pharmacy Tech) leans over counter to rub my head and ears and whisper shmoopy things to me.

PBW (Pharmacist behind wall): We're going to need more information on Mr. Wright.

PT: What do you need to know besides the fact that he's a golden retriever?

PBW: We still need his address and contact information.

PT (offering form and pen to me): Mr. Wright, we'll need you to fill this out.

M: He's only been at his present address for a week and is still learning his address and phone number, so I'll fill it out for him this time.

PT: snicker snicker snicker

Mom and I wait patiently. Other customers pet me. I sniff stuff. Mom gets nervous and mutters something about not not claiming territory. I don't. Geez. I may not be from the big city, but I know not to do that.

Kind, distinguished gentleman (who has been alternately checking people out and smiling at me... prescription in one hand, leans over with the other to rub my head): Mr. Wright, your prescription is ready. Will you be paying cash, using your credit card or writing us a check today?

Thank God Mom spoke up again. I didn't have my wallet on me!

As we left, we were flanked by shelves of fine breakables.

M: Keep your tail low, boy. Keep your tail low.

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