Monday, June 23, 2008

Day Four: Mourning Over! Thunder Rolling!

For five whole hours, I was a good boy. Didn't do nothing wrong that I wasn't able to undo before Mom got home!

Can't wait to follow her around some. Hoping she'll sit still for a while and lay out the lovin'. A good brushin' might feel good, too!

(Uncle Alex said it looks like the frog is praying for his life, but he's actually praying for clear skies!).

Update... Froggy's prayer was not answered. The thunder rolled... and I found the best place yet to weather the storm! I hopped on the bed with the Mama! That crazy fool sang a song and read a book to me...

It was a nice gesture... but seriously... a sing-a-long and story time, in the face of impending doom??? Me and that frog were busy praying!

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