Monday, June 30, 2008

Luke's Rating System

Zero Paws: World done you wrong. What you got is what you stole.

One Paw: You got some of the basics, like maybe square meals, but shelter is iffy (indoors... what's that?) and you long for 'family' but you ain't feelin' it.

Two Paws: You got the basics of square meals, shelter (indoors and outdoors), but you don't quite feel like you rank 'family' status. Whatcha call second class citizenship.

Three Paws: You got yummy square meals, snacks in between, indoor and outdoor shelter, peoples trying more to change than understand you, medical attention as required... and you rank 'family' but no better. A pretty good place to find yourself!

Four Paws: Meals, snacks, meds. almost full time personal assistant, doorman and valet (time off is by necessity and to keep you humble), freedom to be, understanding of how you be, leading and confidence building, Treated way better than family and living as well as you could ever hope. Just short of over the top!

Four Paw Belly Up!: Over the top conditions! A celebratory leap from your station in life, whatever that might be! Everyone needs over the top spoilin' from time to time. Speakin' only for myself, ain't never had any till these last few months. And Ole C.H. could get used to these momentary luxuries!

There are all sorts of subtleties to my rating system, but for now, I'm holding those really close to the flanks... I'll explain the rest later!

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