Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day Three: Mom Left and Came Back Again!

Mother hurriedly printed photos from our shoot, gussied up and broke the news that she was going to leave for a short while... a 'lupper' of sorts with Aunt Dav and Uncle Benjy... more fine kin I'm happy to know I have!

These are good peoples who look after Mom. I'm to understand that they go way back.

Uncle Benjy was the first to tell her she needed a new love (puppy or dog, I think he said). And I hear tail that Aunt Dav played no small part in my visit here, as she proclaimed
"He's the one!"

At any rate, I took a short nap and next thing I know, Mom is coming back through the door... and she's pretty happy. Said something about having fresh guacamole and a rooster tail or two. I don't know nothing about rooster tails, but I hope there's plenty more where those came from... because she's in a FINE mood!

And then the real fun began. Shortly after she landed, I was hitched to my leash... and I finally got the chance to see Aunt Susan again, and to meet Uncle Mike! This guy is 'Luke' style all the way. He plopped down in the front yard... and we leaned into one another, Mike with his arm around me. There was a lot of talk going on, but the sound I heard was one of security.

I like it here. And I think I might want to stay put for a little while longer. I'm a bit conflicted... because I miss Aunt Melinda's. Here, though, I'm a solo act... a Headliner! And the attention feels kinda good... for now!

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