Monday, June 23, 2008

Day Four: An Evening Constitutional

A few surprises around here this evening:
  1. Mom can actually tug walking shoes on those scabby feet.
  2. The look on the old gal's face when she grabbed my leash and I ran straight to the door, laid down and waited patiently and still for her to secure herself to me... like she thought my sit and shake was the only thing I learned in charm school...
  3. She hobbles quite gingerly down the sidewalks of this shady neighborhood, but she's stubborn about directions.
  4. Keeps up with me for the most part... not exactly like dragging a boulder, more like a an iron prison ball.
  5. Sure are a lot of barking dogs in this part of town. Guess their jealous of my handsome tail.
  6. You can feel the stress just slipping away as you wiggle your butt down the street and pmail a wisteria bush.
  7. Cool water never tasted so good! Looks good dribbled all over the kitchen floor, too.
  8. Sleep sure comes easy after a long evening walk. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.......zzz....zzzzzz..zz
*Special note for Aunt Dav: From your mouth to Mom's ears... Praise Dog! Thanks for convincing her that I took a run cause I wanted a walk!

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