Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day Six: Needed Day Without T#un&er

My extended stay at summer camp has had it's moments... many of them good, several of them thunderous and not so much.

Today, however, was a glorious and rumble free day.

Mom came home early from the factory, in anticipation of Dog knows what... but it's been peaceful, and I've enjoyed a carefree afternoon of attention. Inside, outside. It's made no difference!

And I'll be honest with you... today is the first day I haven't thought (at least for the briefest of moments) about a cab, trolley or shuttle back to the thunder free zone of Aunt Melinda's.

Aunt Melinda's... It's great there. Everything I ever needed, I have there. It's a secure place to rest and think. There's no thunder. And she takes good care of me!

And then there's here... and I guess the difference between here and there, thunder aside, is that...


I'm needed here. By this woman. By this Mama. She needs me. And maybe for the first time in my life, I'm on the other side of this need. And it feels good. This need. For me.

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