Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day Five: Counting Up Blessings

Lots of folks been calling and checking on me today. And I don't know why Mom never paws me the phone...

I know they're brainstorming my tribulations, but I like hearing Mom laughing when she talks to Aunt Karen. Two cards, they are. The proverbial pees.

Aunt Dav and Aunt Nelda have been good spirit keeper-uppers, too. Ever time the phone rings, I place a little bet with myself that it's one of them.

And tonight, just as I came in from 'last call'.. Mom announced that Aunt Madison had left me a message. She called her back, while I paced back and forth... willing her to put me on the phone. I'm not long on the spoken word, but I would have liked to utter a 'wuh wuh' to my sweet Aunt... and I think Uncle Tom would have appreciated a burp of contentment!

And as I lay down to slumber, I can't help but smile.

All of these people are committed to helping me be the brave boy they think I am.

And just maybe they're right. I only hope I can be as brave as I am lucky... lucky to have a gaggle of peoples who love and support me!

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