Friday, June 20, 2008

Day One: First Thoughts & Smells

Ever have one of those days when you wake up thinking life will be one way... and then it ends up another? I've had a lot of those days lately... today, included.

Morning dawned just like the others these last two weeks, but late morning, I was treated to a car ride! I was as pleased with 'Academy' as the destination as I was to greet the attentive and shmoopy woman I first met two days ago.

She introduced herself this second time as 'Mama', seeming captivated with me, yet again... and before I knew it, I had a new necklace with new jewelry and was in her car, snacking on Buddies Biscuits,sipping spring water from a cup and listening distractedly to her many 'babblings'.

We reached this new place some twenty minutes later and deboarded. Guided on my new leash, I quickly explored both the indoor and outdoor environment.

It seems like not a bad place. There's a comforting and homey smell about it, and there's fresh waters, treats, gifts and a new bed laid out for me.

It might be a trap... ain't quite sure. My history is built on a shaky foundation; I've been uprooted and abandoned. The kindnesses, comforts and securities shown me by my angels has been TOO incredible to trust in full just yet.

And while everything seems to be on the up and up here, if I've learned anything, it's to be wary. This 'Mama' seems over the top shmoopy, so I can probably take her if I have to... but I might need to just 'hear' her out.

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