Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Minus Two: Buzz

I'm quite enjoying life here at Aunt Melinda's... well, I've come to think of her as my mother... but I still call her "Aunt Melinda' for reasons I'm not entirely certain... maybe because I don't want to rock the boat with her two kids or maybe because I like the special treatment extended kin receive.

There's been a buzz in the air these last couple of days about "Aunt Karen said"..., "eyes"... "captivated" ... "making up for lost time"... "no cats in the household"... and I might be dreaming, but I'm pretty sure I heard "soft heart who's been through as much as Luke has... and needs rescuing, too".

Buzz come and buzz go... but the next thing I know, I'm on my way to PetsMart for a meet-n-greet! I'm all good with that, after all, it's some alone time with Aunt Melinda, and there's good smells in that store.

Well, we walk in and are immediately greeted by this woman who... well, if I seem like a sponge for hopes and dreams and good things to come my way... is my perfect match.

I try to play it 'Cool Hand Luke', Chapter One behind but not yet forgotten and all... But I tend to lean into my desires and comforts... and I leaned into this somewhat nutty woman, who plopped her big butt down in the middle of the main aquarium aisle. And she shmuggled with me. She asked me big questions that I tried hard not to answer. And she leaned into me, in a manner I couldn't resist.

Others came round and showered their attention. And I was grateful when Aunt Melinda broke the at-tension with my 'sit-shake' routine. A treat was well in order, and while I quite enjoyed the visit, I was anxious and a bit overwhelmed with the implications of this 'gathering' and quite relieved to board the same back seat home.

More 'buzz' ensewed... but I long ago vowed to take things one day at a time. And for now, Aunt Melinda's is my good home! Ain't never lived this good!

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