Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day Two: Presence

Phones are ringing off the hook again today.

It's the darnedest thing ever, but thank dog they get good reception in the out of doors, cause I like the yard... and I ain't goin' alone.

I've been thinking. There's some pretty good things about this 'Mama'. Among them... opposable thumbs and a willing to use them to open the door for me. And she's patient. She'll sit and watch me while I sniff out all the perfect places. I'd like to give her a present, to show my preciation and all.

So while she was on the phone with Uncle Alex, who she later explained had called to check on me, I began to sniff out the perfect gift. And I found it!

The look on her face was not as I expected, when I presented her with the rarest of delicacies... a petrified squirrel!

In fact, the phone was thrown down... I was commanded to "DROP IT", and I did (something about the change in her tone told me she meant business)... and I was promptly ushered into the house.

There were tears in her eyes when she went out alone to dispose of her gift. And once we were settled again in the in of doors, she told me a story of passing the guard. I gather that
someone pretty special must have left that carcass for me to find and present to the 'Mama'.

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