Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 66: Spa Day!

I always wake up happy and hopeful about the day ahead of me... but never would I have guessed that such a special treat was in store... SPA DAY... at MR. T'S BOUTIQUE!

I'm winding down from my big day, but I couldn't go to bed without giving you the highlights...

  1. Happy to take a road trip!!!
  2. Even happier when the trolley veered off the path to Doc Banks' place!
  3. Destination: Mr. T's Boutique and Day Spa! I rank it Four Paws Belly Up!
  4. Felt the love right away. Great to see Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom and ALL their kids (and grandkid)!
  5. Pure unadulterated ROMP!
  6. Mom says I need to apologize for the 'tude. I guess growlin' in a social environment is considered an indiscretion. I sowwy!
  7. And I'd be remiss without apologizing for my second indiscretion... but I got this unwritten Golden Rule about "going" as far away from as possible! Sowwy!
  8. Romp and mischief aside, don't think for a moment that I didn't keep one eye on the Mom! She tried to slip out and get her camera, my towels and brush... I beat her to the door! (So very sorry we didn't get photos though!).
  9. BAAAAAAAFF!... Can't beat Mr. T's technique (which includes soothing conversation), nor the break he offers between the wash and rinse cycles!
  10. And what better way to top off da baff... I had Aunt Madison brushin' me while the Mom blotted the wets! Took a long time for fruition, but maybe I AM a special boy!
  11. Sniffed down the whole house, strictly for investigative purposes. Noone but the pair-of-noid Mom seemed remotely concerned. Ain't sayin' whether I was a good boy or not, but I'll testify to the fact that my extended kin can keep a good secret if I wasn't!
  12. Joined my welcomin' cousins... truly a friendly herd... and laid 'round the table of good smellin' foods. Let the Mom break bread, and I basked in the sounds of pleasant conversation and laughter.
  13. Could read the Mom's mind and did not beg. She gave me props later!
  14. The perfect Apres Spa: Nap on the cool brick floors!

Today set a high mark for the week. I'M LOVIN' THE SECOND LIFE!

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