Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 64: FRISKY!

That's how a Friday without thunder makes me feel!

  1. I got my yard cleaned up!

  2. Wallered on me some grass cologne!

  3. Ran me some figure 8's! (Training for the Limpics!)

  4. Hopped on the bed uninvited several times... then dropped my front legs, leaving my rear end high and my tail wagging. Ain't gonna get kicked off looking that cute!

  5. Went out. Came in. Went out. Came in. Went out. Came in... You get the picture.

  6. Chased me some squirrels. Slowed down so I didn't catch em.

All in all, on the Cool Hand Scale, I give this day FOUR PAWS!

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