Tuesday, August 12, 2008



On the one paw, it would be super cool to have a sister to hang out with, specially when the Mom's away. We could also run 'round the yard together and join forces to destroy the evil squirrel empire!

On the other paw, I'm not so sure I'm ready to share. I mean, I like that the Mom is all mine. I like bein wherever I want to be, and I consider the entire house and yard reserved by me.

Affection been generous 'round here. Taken some getting used to, on a counta my past, but we've stablished some patterns that make me feel stable. Not quite sure I'm ready for apple cart turnover...

And then there's the toys... I never had a lot of stuff before. It took some getting used to, but... I really LIKE having stuff. I like toting it, rearranging it and never having it taken away. It's a good feeling, really. Really!

The Mom's concerned about how I feel... but I'm concerned about her, too. Ain't gonna lie. Betwixt her worrying about my emotions, poop, bobos, general health and well being, weather radar and thunderstorms, getting herself enrolled in oh-bedience training... AND the factory, I gotta wonder...


Gonna nibble my hiney and think about it for a while...

Really cute graphic courtesy of Serendipity Pet Shop, a most excellent place to shop for gifts... and the Mom has a birfday coming up!!!

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