Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 63: Random Thoughts

Now that I'm out of my cape, I was pondering...

  1. Thought I would be happy to have Mom home, but she brought hell-a-shus thunder with her.

  2. Never played dress-up before. Kinda fun, but why must we do it when a storm approaches?

  3. Playing superhero in the bathroom is distracting to my fear.

  4. Pretty crafty of Mom to lure me out of my hiding place with treats. Guess I love treats more than I am afeared of storms.

  5. I'll bet I wouldn't have to poop in a swamp if I still lived with Aunt Melinda.

  6. Bet the sun is still shining at her place, too.

  7. Note to self: Check trolley schedule.

P.S. That snot snot all mine. And don't make the mistake I did by suggesting Mom clean the glass... Nobody taught me how to comfort a crying Mama.

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