Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 47: A Golden Retriever's Thoughts On Tropical Storms

Edouard (I don't think that's how Uncle Tom spells it) hit today. OK, it was more like a gentle brush against your tail as your wagging it... It got a little wet around here, and seeing as how I'm not exactly into that downfalling water (more of whatcha might call a drinker myself)... I had a good bit of time to think:

1. Pretty much anything that keeps Mom home with me all day ranks four paws belly up!
2. The fact that the trolley is blocked in by the BBQ pit means she can't make a fast escape.
3. Lawn furniture in the house means an obstacle course to the door.
4. Potted plants in the house is a temptation. But no, I didn't.
5. What they need is a weather dog that actually tells the weather. A bit of wind, a lot of rain, but... NO THUNDER, and that's what counts.
6. Puddles are fun to chase skwirls through... slows em down.
7. Racing through standing water should be a substitute and not a reason for a baff!

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