Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 62: Oops I Did It Again (Again)!

I knew Mom was coming home for lunch to check on me (how? she told me, of course), but she got here a little earlier than I was expecting. I was intending to craft a patooty toupee from the hair puffs behind the bedroom door. But she caught me red patootied.

And I guess flinging myself against the door (give me credit... only after a hellacious thunderous storm) when she tried to go back to work didn't help matters. Said she guessed I wouldn't be happy till I didn't have a hair on my ass and my mom was unemployed.

I wanted to tell her I would have a furry ass if she was unemployed, but I thought better of it. You see, if I'm to believe what I've been told... the factory puts the food in my bowl (I could have sworn it was Mom, but I guess I'm wrong), holds this not fancy but storm resistant roof up and keeps what cool airs we still got blowing... blowing. So I shushed myself before I could re-butt.

None of that stopped me from hurling every ounce of fight I had in me, as well as a patooty load of guilt upon that door as she tried to go back to the factory after our TWO HOUR LUNCH, though...

Maybe I'm just spoiled? Maybe Mom spends too much time with me, and I resent the times she's not here? Or maybe I need a SISTER??? SUBJECT FOR A NEW POLL!!!

Photo by Ryan Van Lenning. Many thanks for not making me share a photo of my OWN bald patooty!

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