Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 64: Goldens Rule

Ole Cool Hand is always thinkin', figurin', formulatin' and rankin'... Then I got this idea from someone special!

Someone's gotta speak out on behalf of the Great Golden Retriever mind, and I figure it might as well be me! So, here's my first Golden Rule:


Start with thunder and rain free Friday.

Add catching a frog at 5am... and being awake (and smart) enough to spit it out and watch it hop away.

Add a tasty breakfast. Okay, I have that everyday any way... but its a portant part of my food triangle.

Subtract Mom going to the factory for half a day.

Add back in the hamburger she brings home each Friday for us to share.

Subtract peoples calling her on the phone and other ways she's distracted (with the exception of
JDY... we both love JDY! I like that he sees things through his Maggie's eyes!)

Add back in the cool air we had blowin' before the $530 windmill bill hit the mailbox.

Subtract the yard guy workin' in the back yard, while I'm stuck in here.

Add back in a neatly groomed back yard.

Subtract the attention to my bald patooty.

And for Dog's sake, add hair back to my rear end!!!

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