Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 58: Random Thoughts

Things I love:
  1. Big and happy plans for a Saturday!
  2. Visiting with the teller in the bank drive-thru!
  3. Coffee and pound cake on the Starbucks patio!
  4. Promised destinations reached! Even if it means a baff!
  5. Air conditioning in trolleys!!! This cannot be understated!!!
  6. Cape and cone free weekends!
  7. Aunt Susan aka Sammy's Mom for rescuing MY Mom. And for delivering healthy and tasty treats to help my hind side heal!

Things I don't like so much:

  1. Hopes dashed. Plans cancelled.
  2. Loud explosions in the trolley. Hot air blowing from her vents.
  3. Did I mention hot air blowing from the trolley vents?
  5. Capes and cones. And a nervous, distracted Mom.
  6. Going to bed when it's still daylight. Gonna be a good boy, though, 'cause Mom's stressed!
  7. The proverbial dark cloud over mine and Mom's head.

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