Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 59: Random Thoughts

Things I THINK I love:
  1. Trips to Galveston.
  2. Walks on the beach.
  3. Board Meetings.

Things I KNOW I love:

  1. Oodles of loving. (Mom's guilt ROCKS!).
  2. Bacon and eggs.
  3. Aunt Susan's "treats".
  4. Muncho chasers.
  5. Squirrel chasings.
  6. Brushings.
  7. Mid-Afternoon Stories.

Things I DON'T Like So Much:

  1. Chores. Especially of the Dyson nature.
  2. Moonlight work (Mom's), though I'm grateful for the benefits.
  3. The storm defender cape. I've personally sent mixed messages as to whether it works. But do I like wearing it? Not so much, but I've also got a gargantuan bo-bo on my butt!
  4. Windmills... and warm temperatures on both sides of the door. (Windmill people presented Mom with a bill for $531! Not much market for a PPV dog blog, past my prime for centerfolds, and I ain't deliverin' newspapers, so...)

Things I HAVE TO Get Used To:

  1. Mom's thrill (not) over windmill bills.
  2. Warm temperatures on both sides of the door.

Things I HATE With A Passion:

  1. STORMS.

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