Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 49: Random Thoughts

Some days, ain't much happening. And trust me, I count these lazy days of my second life as golden moments! Good time to just sit 'round, scratch what itches and let your mind wander...

GRRH COOKIES are good!!! Aunt Elaine ROCKS the oven, ya'all!
2. Squirrels can jump 4 real! Come on... from the oak tree to the top of the hot tub gazebo to the roof of the house to the pecan tree? Wow. I need to work out... maybe even a membership to Goldens Gym???!!
3. Uncle Tom gave me a bye for a "you know what". That's our secret code for 'baff'. (Don't tell the Mom).
4. Glad I'm employed in the fields of hospitality, entertainment & security. I don't think factory work is all that much fun.
5. I KNOW I can dance! And Uncle Stevey gonna teach me all his tricks!

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