Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 60: Good and Golden Fortune

Me and Mom spent the last coupla days feelin' a iota bummed on a count of the belly up trolley and all the fun things we missed on a count of it.

But today we heard that, while we were here lickin' our super-fishull wounds... my Cousins Zeke and Rizzo, Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig had a trolley crash on the way to the beach.

Thank Heavens...!!! Noone was hurt, and they were all
rescued from the big fast road by Uncle Tom and Aunt Madison!

So I'm pawsin' to reflect on what good and golden fortune is not... and is.

It's NOT that your trolley is without cool airs. It IS that you have loved ones like Aunt Susan to rescue you from a hot day on the road!

It's NOT an OW-WEE and a bald butt. It IS that you have a Mom that worries and cares. And an Aunt Susan who delivers brown bag treats to prevent more!

It's NOT the fact that you missed adventures you were so looking forward to, but it IS living in a home full of mutual care, adoration and respect, with a Mom that makes every day special in some way...

It's NOT that your trolley is banged up, and you are stranded. What it IS IS... you are safe and without physical harm. And equally important IS having friends you call family, like Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom, who rescue you!

And base and bottom line... It's NOT Chapter One. It IS having
GRRH believe in you... provide you an awesome ride to H-Town, proper representation and excellent match-making!

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