Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 62: Happy Two Month Anniversary!

Our "Happy" Anniversary begain at 3am this morning. That's when the Mom woke up to begin her worrying about the factory, the weather, the hot spot (non weather related) and.. well, me.

I fought the need for either worry or celebration until about 530am, when I reluctantly agreed to go outside, but steadfastly refused to do any businesses... A tasty and celebratory breakfast was presented to me shortly thereafter, along about the time the monsoons began to pass over the back yard.

Ain't lying... I was doin' the p-p dance. Interpret that however you want, because it applies to both numbers. I was tempted to do it indoors, because of the misery of it all, but I just couldn't.

One super great thing about my new Mom is... her patience, and her resoluteness. I'm guessing she and I went out fifteen times between 5am and 7am... just because she wanted me to do some business. I was reluctant at the time, but I'm grateful not to be holding it now (cortisone shot and all...).

Happy Anniversary to Us! She's coming home for lunch, and I'm planning a BIG surprise!

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