Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 40: The Factory Stinks!

This is the first day that there's been mostly quiet in my new home... lots of silent attention... hugs, leanings and loving... but no songs, no dances. And I know something is wrong. Not sure what it is, but the Mom is not the same.

I'm thinking the factory emitted unmannerly gases today. My bedtime story tonight will reveal...

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Anonymous said...

hey luke. very nice looking blog you've got there. thankfully your mom was here to guide me through commenting on your page, as i'm not a savy blogger like you.

i'm really looking forward to meeting you some day; hopefully your mom and i will get together for a little "cluck cluck" and beer in the near future and i can stop by.

i'm glad you're enjoying your new home, and i know your mom loves you with all her heart.

see you soon.