Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 33: The Luke Wing

Sounds prophetic... "Day 33"... like something big should happen:

  1. Typical rise, shine and breakfasts.
  2. Sprinkled the lawn and had a nice poop.
  3. Discovery of a pair of sites by PC (the poop checker, aka Mom in previous posts), who had a frantic reaction... bagging it and placing phone calls. I thought a pair was better than one, but maybe she expected more...
  4. Pill pocket "to protect me from the devil within".
  5. Long drowsy day with PC in some all day eating, or meeting or some such thing...
  6. Quickly danced to the out of doors when PC returned.
  7. Fitted for a harness... and belted to the car seat? Hey! Who's idea was this???
  8. Amazingly brisk car trip at 4pm. Guess it WAS rush hour.
  9. Ice cold spring water in a bowl in the car... aaaahhhhhhhhhh.
  10. Whoa! Who's idea was it to go BACK to the doctor's office??? I mean, they're great people, and I love em... but twice in a month makes for good relations; thrice is pushing the limits of friendships.
  11. Smelled cats.
  12. Wanted their toys.
  13. Within PC is an endless number of questions, some born of a pair of noya, if you ask me.
  14. Nurse Leslie gave me a wad of cat food. She'd like to think she fooled me, but I know there was treats inside.
  15. Sweet gal cleaned my tail, too. Tried to show her how well I could do it myself... but she insisted.
  16. PC paid the bill and there was a discussion of their opening "The Luke Wing" in the near, near future.
  17. Wow... my OWN wing! I always wanted to fly. Thought I'd need a pair of em to do that, though.
  18. 5pm. Guess we weren't in such a RUSH to get home. Got bored and laid down in the back seat, evidently exactly like good boys do.
  19. Arrived back home all in the same day.
  20. Sprinted around in the back yard. Ate some foods, drank some waters, and did it again.
  21. Watched tv about some Dolly. Guess there's some concern about whether...
  22. Now I'm just hanging with PC, who is also an excellent HR (head rubber).

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