Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 15: First Date On The Fourth

Ahem... :::paw lick paw lick::: Well, well, well...

Had me my first date today. FINE looking gal named Shiner (SBBBBERT), came over and scoped out my yard... as well as my immaculate and manly undercarriage and the fan of my tail.

Don't worry. I returned the favor... well, with the exception of the tail part. If I may say so... she's lovely without one.
She's a beautiful girl, don't you think???! Sweet nose, perky ears and smile that makes your tail wag... and believe you me, I've got one!

Me and Shiney were highly chaperoned, and while we played it totally cool on this hot, hot day... the sparklers were definitely lit... if you know what I mean!

I'm surprised Aunt Marti and the Mom (and it's a shame) didn't whip out cameras. They were as proud of the two of us as if it was a prom date!!!

(Don't go calling the Ginnis Book... Ain't no snowball's chance in hell that this photo was taken today!).

The only embarassing incident of the day, if you don't count the sniffing poop like a snowcone incident... was when it started to thunder. I mean, I'm a BMIY (big man in yard) to a point. Thunder, and put my testosterone in the drawer. I'm going in.

Great thing about my Shiner, though, is... she doesn't like it either. She followed me right in the door. The Moms yacked over who knows what, and we... well... slipped away to the cool floors.

I'll defend her reputation to the end of time, but Shiner and I... we slept together. Yes, on the first date. How lucky is Luke?!

For once, I thank thunder!

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