Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 38: A Golden Retriever's Triathlon: All In A Morning

Walk: Rising with an outdoor temperature of 74 degrees, I quickly woofed down my breakfast foods, did a few businesses and Mom and I were off for a long walk in the nay-borhood. It's called that because I'm denied secondary businesses in other people's yards... which leads me to wonder, as I'm sure it does you... what is the point of the walk? Guessing Mom needs exercise!

Run: I ran the fences with my pals Sam and Beauregard (long name for a long, yet short fellow). Great fun, because I can watch Sam through the see-through fences. And I can see Bo in the crack below the wood fence. Gotta keep an eye on that short fellow though, cause he only runs half laps!

Bark: Rotty the Wilder and I had a vociferous exchange this morning. It was all in that "top of the mornin' to ya" kind of good fun. Didn't neither of us mean no harm nor alarm. Certainly didn't mean to wake up the entire planet, as the Mom suggested. I just think ole Rotty might be hard of hearin'.

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