Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 29: Cookie Monster

One of the only good reasons I can think of for Mom to leave me home alone on a Friday afternoon is to...

Go get me more of these cookies!

Make me wanna dance in that ole James Brown 'I feel good' kinda way!

Homemade by my Aunt Elaine (got one of those gold thumbs in the kichen, ya'all) at
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, I suggest you try the beef... thin and tasty! Chickchick and turkturk are good, too, though. Mom takes a whiff ever time she gives me one... Some rasslin' may be in our future!

Look em up and buy some cookies at their next event. Use the code name "COOL HAND LUKE" for, well... not a special discount... but maybe a little special attention!

(Mom better remember to push those further back on the counter!)

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