Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 30: Tails From The Dog Show

It being Saturday, and all, I expected a leisurely breakfast, a mid-morning walk and some serious belly rubbing.

Things didn't quite go my way, but looking back on the day... I'm glad! Ya see... Mom and Aunt Dav went to the
Whirl Cereal of Dog Shows, and turns out... that's a really good place.

Seems Mom finally met up with my Uncle Tom, who had a few stories to tell her about me. I hadn't told Mom about the riotous good time we had together in the car or our man-to-good boy chats. But I'm glad she knows now.

I look back on that trip as the day Lucky Luke was born again!

I didn't want Mom to leave me this morning, but it's given us another way to connect. I love me some Uncle Tom, Aunt Madison and Aunt Karen... and Mom does too!

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