Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 15: Happy Fourth of July!

Independence is great, definitely worth the patience, the sacrifice and the wait.

Of course, I feel that way about dependence, too. You can't quite 'preciate depending on something... good OR bad, until you can't depend on anything... not steady, anyways.

So, ole Cool Hand's having a moment of reflection today...

And I think I might just have outlasted the odds and found myself in one doodle-dandiest of situations... because I suddenly find myself with plenty of both.

On the front paws, I'm free to mill about this place at my own leisure or sport. Independence is good. Sure, certain things are expected of me, but they ain't bad or unreasonable things. Most are for what the Mom calls my own safe tee (whatever that is).

And then again on the hind paws, I've got a place and a people I can depend on like the clockworks. The people (aka the Mom) is good about providing the things I most depend on, like opening the door BOTH ways. And that's more important to me than the regular and tasty foods in a clean bowl!

So, I'm celebrating them both, today. Happy Independence AND Dependence Day, ya'all!

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