Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 29: Mom Meets MY Kin!

This being a ruff week of pill pockets and itchies that I've been too drowsy to scratch...

I won't deny that I was looking forward to an afernoon of Judge David Young, Divorce Court and Uncle, I mean Dr. Phil... all of whom I've grown accustomed to spending Friday afternoons with at this extended summer camp / forever home.

So, when Mom put on the different clothes, I was disturbed until she told me that she was going to meet my Aunts Karen and Madison.

And I thought, well, can't I come too? But Mom explained that she was going to a place that helps
girls and boys in need... find a good home...

And I thought... 'Nope, that ain't me! Found one! Thank you very much!'

That confidence aside, in my lowered head and tail... I expressed my hope... please, let my kin remember and think fondly of me.

And Mom returned joyous and bearing gifts and stories.

'We are not alone.Our peoples get us'.

And by 'peoples', she meant MY kin!

I love my new 'AK Baby' and I put her to my bed tonight.
She smells like love!

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