Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 38: Golden Moments & Random Thoughts

  1. Turmoil ensued upon our return from the walk. Seems there was a 'funk' in the air... completely unrelated to me, whatsoever (thank Dog).
  2. All manner of bottles, jugs, boxes, packages and bags were hauled out from under the water well and quickly dispatched to the other side of that door I can't go out of without invitation.
  3. Mom left me behind briefly, she said, to put her head together with the Aunts and Uncles. That must have created a scene in the restaurant... five humans with their heads all together.
  4. I have an Uncle Craig in addition to my speical Aunt Karen!
  5. Uncle Tom and Aunt Madison sent me a miracle potion. Itch soothing, bo-bee curing, cool stuff. Mom lost me with her explanation, but me and Uncle T go way back and when I said to him... 'trust me in the straightways' and he did, I knew then that I could trust him too!
  6. For whatever good reason that came about, Mom and I had a laid back afternoon not totally centered around the water well or her determination that "Sweet Boy" has a BAFF.
  7. I love my back door. Most espeically because it comes with a personal doorman and boy servant!
  8. Life is good. No. Life is grreat!

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