Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 31: A Typical Sunday In the Life of a Happy Golden Retriever

  1. Exchanged Anniversary greetings.
  2. Enjoyed tasty two part breakfast (cause someone around here thinks I eat too fast) and good quality time in the back yard.
  3. Danced for joy at the opportunity for a car ride!
  4. Can you believe that people would just willingly pass their tasty breakfast foods to you... while you wait right there in the car???! I gotta learn to drive!
  5. Bacon is good!
  6. Interrupted good poop to chase a squirrel out of the yard.
  7. Sadly turned down fun play date with Aunt Dav because Mom had to do chores.
  8. Sat by the door and watched Mom go in and out with alternate loads of dirty and clean clothes. She likes to think she's teaching me not to bolt through a door, and I humor her... but secretly, I'm thinking... that's one chore I never want to learn to do!
  9. Took what Mom calls a half bath, or a cheater's bath. Rub me on one side... I'll roll over for my belly, and then the other side! Can't help but follow up with a bit of grass cologne!
  10. Went a few more rounds with 'Dyson'. My tactic? Enter the room behind him... that way you you're never cornered.
  11. Sprinkler system sounds suspiciously like a storm. BUNKER!
  12. Some celebrate anniversaries with cake. I celebrated with the YUMMIEST of cookies!
  13. I've come to judge a day by the way it ends... and this one ended with perfectly, with a long walk through the neighborhood... and a bedtime story whispered in my ear.

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