Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 358: Fusion Friday

I wanted to call it "Fried Chicken Friday" (subliminal message intended) but the Mom said "Luke Sweet Boy why not call it Fusion Friday" and so I did...

First let me begin by sayin it is so hot (97 degrees and it not even summer yet) that it have to be bout dark in order to enjoy the outside. Second, take look see at my back and tell me you can't see my scar on a counta my Doctor Mark did such wonderful job!

Next, I want to say to once more thank ever one on behalf of the Gonzo... for all your prayers and well wishes and encouragin comments and generous donations...

And I am happy to report that Gonzo is doin really really well and that is thanks to fact he is just one very special boy wif sweetness and joy and easy goin spirit! And he practically not skip a beat!

He even made it to the Meet-N-Greet last Saturday just free days (count em...3) after surgery! And boy was he happy and how he did look good!

He got lots of attention and pettin and lovin and he did really very much enjoy heself!

And next I gotta say that there are free (yeah... 3) reasons the Gonzo doin so well. And those beed his (1) his strong constitution, (2) GRRH commitment and dedication to make his life as happy and comfortable as possible, takin into consideration all factors in order to do so... wif ception of the financial... on a counta the cost, while substantial, is irrelevant. GRRH gonna do what is right.

But big reason is number free (3). And that is the Gonzo has most lovin, carin, nurturin foster Mom and Dad. I mean these folks are incredible. They are super special and have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the Gonzo's recovery.

Once Sweet Boy has recovered from the amputation surgery, he will have (same side) hip surgery... I not allowed to beg, so I just say this... if you are so moved, please help GRRH help Gonzo wif your tax deductible donation!

And that lead me to think of one other issue of the day what is Owner Surrenders what GRRH and other rescue organizations are bein flooded wif... It really sad, and while it hard to believe for the Mom... it not hard to believe for the me. After all, I was owner surrender after givin first family 8.5 years of my life! Just sayin.
But the Mom is goin wif the Aunt Karen tomorrow mornin to introduce Candi (red) and Maggie to a special person who has fallen for the two of the them!

Candi and Maggie are very attached, do not tolerate bein out of sight of each other and GRRH has taken great measures to make sure they never have to separate!

And I take paws to wish them the kind of good match that my the Aunt Karen broker for the me! Just sayin!

And that lead me to tell you I beed full o the mischief today and I somewhat on the Mom's "Sit List". What you ask did the Luke do to get on such "list"?

Well, I bait rotty wilder in SE of my yard and get him to bark and bark and bark and bark... and I do it more than the one (ok... free) time. It fun, what can I say? And I also real fond these days of the wallowin... in the grasses, in the flower bed... just bout any where I please. "If it feels good do it" is my motto and the Mom is offended, morally opposed, incensed and very much not pleased mostly on a counta I don't stop when she say stop, she have to physically make the me to stop.

Her argument? Somefin bout me havin the itchies and the scratchies and the hotspots and also takin the benadryl ever day to discourage the mast cell tumor return... Add to that she beed recoverin from ragin sinus infection and still I bring the pollens etc back into the house where I boaf smooch wif the her and put her to bed and wake her up ever day. There is problem?

I get it in some small sense but it still feel good to wallow. And I not only one on the Mom "Sit List" on a counta the Bleu put some things in his mouf last night what not sposed to be there and he make the Mom very very upset... so he on that list too!

Which bring up subject... the Mom was home for four days + back to factory for 2.5 days and home again for 0.5 day... all of which me and the Bleu have been wifout the cones!

And we have not licked and/or chewed on our selves or each other in any way what can be proven in court of law.

Knock on would. Just sayin.

And speakin of that list, I think of
thing I saw just other day when doin bit of shoppin!
And that remind me somefin I have not told you what is this:

My the Aunt Melinda is expectin (human) baby boy real soon. Out of love, I respectfully submit name of "Luke" but she think baby need multi-syllabic name and so I now resubmit... "Cool Hand Luke". That free (uh huh, 3) syllables. Just sayin.

Any way, many well wishes and "can't waits" sent out to the Aunt Melinda and the Uncle Jason. This gonna be one loved baby and we all gonna have fun wif the him!!!

Nuff of the fusion but I will end by sayin this is anniversary of night I went home wif someone wif cats... and she return me the next day. "What" you say?

Well that beed just nother brief moment in time for what I am grateful on a counta that was not place I belong. Fate overcome and by fate I mean I chase hell outta those cats for bout twelve solid hours. Uh huh. I show the them I got real special gig just round corner and I not rest till deal brokered!

Just sayin.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Paws khrossed fur those two darlings!

and I'll keep it simple fur a change:

Things happen fur reasons!


Checkers & Chess said...

wow luke that was a long post - glad to know those two will get a gogether furever home - and you luke - being on the mom's list - I like to wallow in the grass too - of course they stick me in the bath when I do that - I guess you're too big to get a bath every couple of days - LUCKY LUKE!!!! my guess is that you don't stay on youro mom's list for long!

the TN Bull Terrors said...

You have been very busy! We like Fried Chicken Friday, sounds good to us!

Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^