Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 366: GOTCHA DAY!!!!!

It's here! And since it special day, I got up on the big bed at 430am and stretch myself cross pillows and rest my head next to the Mom! What a way to welcome in this wonderful Day of the Celebration!

And after hearty breakfast and few routine businesses, let the party begin and I got me a pink monkey!
And I do love him... so I run him right into and onto big bed for some lovin!
And do not worry, the Bleu he not left out on a counta he got a pink pig what honk!
And he love it and he honk honk honk it! And then he so please wif he self he give the Mom big smile!
And then I go to secret place where the Mom hide her stash of the toys on a counta she don't like us get too much all at once and so she put some back for rainy day or day like this one what is sunshine in the sky and in my heart...!

And I rummage and come out wif a present what I got for my birfday and I take it to the big bed to be wif the pink monkey!
And I real pleased wif how this day shakin out so far so I give the Mom a big smile!
And do not worry, the Mom not let the Bleu beed leaved out, so she gave him ducky wif the ducky baby what he quickly carry round and round and frew out the house!
And in honor of this wonderful day and in gratitude to the GRRH and all the love in my life, I wear my GRRH bandana!
And the Bleu not left out (well, technically he was on a counta he was not ready to come in) and he wear his bandana too!
The Mom is gonna leave me and the Bleu to nap alone for short while today... And while normally that would make the me mad, I can't be on a counta she is helpin wif Adoption Day and Meet and Greet for the GRRH... and if even just one lucky boy or girl finds happy home today...

Well... sniffle sniffle... it worf few hours home alone wif the Bleu. And besides, I know bout the fresh ground beef just waitin to be a LukeBurger in the frige!

In meantime, if you got nuffin better to do you can read bout my Arrival in the Paradise:

First Thoughts and Smells
A Bed Is Laid Out
And I know if you read these Day One treasures, you are gonna beed thinkin to your self... what happen to he grammar in this past year??? Well I guess I beed really gettin to know myself better!
Just sayin!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

What a GRRRRRREAT way to start your Gotcha Day WEEKEND PAWTY!

How khool is it your mom will be helping others today!?!

I'm pretty sure she's got more Mom trikhks up her sleeves fur later!

SOOOO woo and Bleu should rest up!

PeeEssWoo: Woo are khorrekht about your grammar - furry good work!

Anonymous said...

Sidney and I believe that the reason dear Luke's grammar has changed is that he is now with family and friends, and he is finally free to be himself! Yay!

Happy Gotcha Day to you both! (and Bleu)

Aunt Lisa & Cousin Sid