Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 378: Reflections

On very very VERY happy note... WELCOME HOME TO THE LASKA!!! I am so glad Sweet Boy back home but I also can't wait to hear where he been.

To understand how and why the Mom got real emotional bout the Laska disappearance, you just have to read my second day post what was titled:

Day Two: 'See Luke Run', 'Good Boys Do Bad Things'... and Other Tails of Horror

Fun to me then, not so fun for the Mom. She can laugh now, only on a counta she catch up to me then... and I settle in real deep now!

And now on somber note, we have not but fifteen drops of the rain but horrendous thunder here last night, and I cannot tell a lie... I try to have nervous breakdown but the Mom try new things to distract the me.

Someone tell her that frowin ball durin storm help the Jasmine, but I don't like fetch... so the Mom scratch head and come up wif sumfin what make me weak in knees and that is the brushin and so she do...

And when my bunker instinct take me over and I walk out from under the brush... the Mom switch over and start brushin the Bleu... what I am sorry but is just plain wrong and so I have to come back in spite of boom boom boom... to restore order in universe. Just sayin.

Other thing what she try keep my mind off panic is the berry treats what I love!

The Mom not let me have too many but she do this thing where when I in bunker she have the Bleu show off boaf his skills and bravado and of course I cannot let him show me up. Just sayin.

So bad as it was and believe me it was bad, I did pretty good and got bout grade of B- what is grade truly special for the me!

And speakin of the special... on Saturday, the Mom was at Different Strokes Pet Boutique lookin for sumfin special for the Bleu and some treats for us boaf...

And what to her wonderin eyes do appear... but this photo of me, displayed in her special treat case!

Not just that but she be told that my sweet face very well might be featured in some future advertisin... on a counta I love my tasty birfday cake almost as much as I love my the Aunt Karen who order it from the Different Strokes!

If you ever in area and no matter what size you are but specially if you are size of my best pal the Checkers, you gotta check this place out! Tasty treats, stylish freads (spell that threads) and neat stuff your Mom might want for her self... galore, you will find there!

And then also speakin of reflections, I reflect on my first 4f of July upon which I celebrated my dependence on the Mom!

And you can check out my sweet face* on GRRH home page for limited time only... on a counta it be changed on or bout end of monf...

*When sweep wif GRRH webmaster, must share compy time but also there are benefits...

Just sayin.


Farley's Mom said...

Luke, They would be so smart to use your sweet face in their advertising!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Ah yes!

In my khase, it was Day 7!
And TWICE - once in the morning and one in the evening!

Tank woo fur sharing your handsomeness AND the yummy looking birfday khake!

I khan't paw enough kind words fur your GOLDEN support in getting Laska home to Sam!


Checkers & Chess said...

Oh Luke - that post just made us smile really big this morning! We needed that smile! So now you are an advertising star! Can I have your pawgraph?

♥Mimi♥ said...
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Scout and Freyja said...

Luke, Scout doesn't like the boom-boom storms, either. He always sits on his momma's feet when the noise starts. Freyja is a very brave doggie and just acts like it isn't happening at all.

We are so happy that you had such a wonderful birthday. Scout will be nine in August. That will mean that he has been living in our momma's heart for six years. Momma says that she doesn't know where the time went. Humans! They need to live in the moment like us dogs!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Are they paying you for using your beautiful self in their advertisement? You look great in your patriotic bandanna. Hope Mom got you some earplugs for the fireworks.

woos, TD and Phantom

ThePainterPack said...

Hello Lucky!!! For me it was just a few months ago, when I jumped out the window and ran around the UnFENCED yard for an hour before Mommy realized it!!! Yep, it was all Mommy's fault! Woo is such a cutie and I am glad I found ya!!

Mya Boo Boo