Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 365: One Year Ago Today (Gotcha Day Minus 1)

Sent: Thu 6/19/08 7:37 PM

(Aunt) Karen,

What a photo... I love it! And your description was priceless!!! All they were missing were their swim caps! Gorgeous babies they are!

Karen, thank you so much for your kind words. I can promise you Luke has found a home full of love and attention... maybe more than he's prepared for! I'm still very emotional, but I find good comfort in knowing how good he and I are going to be for each other.

I spent my lunch hour(s!) shopping for my new big boy, and I bought him a new bed, new bowls, a collar and leash, a harness for the seatbelt in my car, some Purina One (that's what Melinda is feeding him), Molasses Madness Buddies Biscuits, a bunch of toys and a new tag with his NEW LAST NAME and contact information. :-)

I've printed and will be completing the adoption paperwork tonight. And I've got a call in to Melinda to determine how and when we are going to make the transfer. I'm growing anxious and excited waiting to hear from her! I hope that sweet boy did ok during the thunderstorm we had today.

Karen, thank you so much for all you've done. I'm looking forward to meeting you really soon! You can bet that Luke will keep in touch. One look in those eyes, and you just know he's a budding author!


P.S. Speaking of contact information, Melinda told me that Luke is microchipped. How do I go about making sure his information is changed? I want to update his information, so If there's a password, or other procedure... please let me know.

And if you would like to check out my precious Comet's blog, you can visit it at I've not had the heart to post a memorial... somehow committing it to the written word makes it more true. She was a special girl...


Martine said...

what a cool post!! thanks for sharing :)

Pipa said...

What a tender and sweet story!

Thank you for sharing. Lucky Luke!!!




Anonymous said...

Isn't Aunt Karen the bomb? As far as I know, she matched up my Mom and I, and we are a perfect fit.

We both love you!

Cousin Sidney