Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 283: Go For The Golden Texas Hold'Em

I glad event day finally here on a counta I just want it over and the Mom back home. She and the Aunt Karen been workin hard on graffix and logistix and talkin lots on phone, and I like that part on a counta I like laughter...

But I got somewhat upset when the printer run out of yeller ink last night and the Mom had to go the Depot to get more.

Well, I mad till she come back wif good smellin (and can't tell lie... tasty) Luby's tilapia and taters and green beans!!!

This good fun fund raisin event will help lots o boys and girls like me bout 286 days ago... who need place hang leash and find home of dreams...

You might ask why I say 286 when this Day 283???

Well, the Mom who unbeknownst to me already fell in love wif the me... meet me on Day -02! And while my life wif the Aunt Melinda HUGE M-provement of personal situation (and frankly was life I would be happy to be livin today)... I had no pre-concieve notion what might be like to live as the true son to the true Mom who love me as much as the Mom love the Luke... Just sayin!


Angel Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hi Luke

We are visiting Goldens who are friends of Mason Dixie's to say hi. It's nice to meet you , you are very cute. We are glad you have a happy second life. Come visit us sometime.

Tucker and Daisy

The Luke said...

Tucker and Daisy, thanks for stoppin by my lil blog! Go wifout sayin, any friend of Mason Dixie is friend of mine!

Will stop by your place real soon!

Wif love from the Luke

P.S. My life rocks! Can't wait to read bout yours!