Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 284: What????!, Part Two

First I learn that the Buddy go to big GRRH fund raiser event, while I home alone... ok, alone wif the Bleu.

And now I find out the Aunt Karen make Buddy debby...debo..debinare... not know how to spell that word, so... swell casino jacket!

Buddy look handsome and bet he was hit wif the women folk...

I not wear my jammies out in the public, but if I did... Ladies, watch out!


Anonymous said...

It's ok Luke, Sidney and I are homebodies, too! How did the fundraiser go?

Aunt Lisa and Cousin Sidney

The Luke said...

Hey Aunt Lisa!

All ways good to hear from you and the Sidney!

Troof be tole, the Mom big homebody too. She not hardly ever go nowhere less it mean savin the golden retrievers! And that the one thing I can't get too mad bout... on a counta same folks drive to Waco to pick me up!!!

The Mom say poker tournament real fun and one of GRRH's vets won whole thing! And former adopter and owner of canine rehab clinic won second place! That real special on a counta most there were not GRRH related peoples!

She also say GRRH make bout twelve grand. Not sure what a grand is, but a dozen of em gotta be pretty good! Just sayin.

We need plan get together soon! Miss you!

Wif love from the Luke