Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 269: You Call This A Birfday???

I welcome this day wif my head on the Mom's pillow... as she smooch my cheeks and whisper sweet nuffins and birfday song ever so softly so as not to wake the Bleu (as if she could!)...

I enthusiastically greet the day wif a quick run frew backyard pond, a hearty breakfast, and a lotta attention from the Mom!

And then much to my dismay, sky come crashin down. And the Mom went go the kitchen to bleach the surfaces like a microbiologist wif a test kit is on the way over... and I bunker in bafroom wif thought of
Dino and Amber-Mae on mind... and I dig!!!!

But in quick flash, the Mom in bafroom wif me, holdin my tremblin self. She say sweet thing maybe even more than one can't remember and she even sing.

And I say "Really, Mom... NOT NOW!"

And the Bleu, he curled up on end of bed and he say (well not so much he say as I read bubble over he head)... "You two mind holdin it down? I tryin to doze."

All while... BOOM BOOM BOOM go thunder.

Ain't heard the boomin in so long I almost forgot how bad I hate it. So if this what mean by celebrate birfday... I respectfully decline!

And then bad sound die down as sound of telephone increase... and then jingle of leash and next thing I know...

Gotta sign off now to board trolley!!! Bye!

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