Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 285: What????!, Part Three

GRRH diggin bigger deeper hole wif the me! Now I find out that the Buddy on the other side of the chip!


...But the Mom have long talk wif me and I know she right on two counts:

First, there are so many very special boys and girls out there who had their lives turn round by GRRH. And pity is there are so many more who need it.

This fund raiser not bout those who out playin poker till wee hour of night... nor not bout those who home in jammies wif full belly, soft bed, a/c crankin and... animal planet.

No, this bout all those who still need help. Those what still need home like what me and the Buddy have... So Luke check he ego at bedroom door. And I sorry for what I say before.

And two, the Buddy congenial all the time, day and night. And the Mom say when he got tired playin the poker, he sprawl out and take nap... She also point out she know what the Luke woulda done... and I gotta admit, that woman know me and she right.

I woulda stare at her till burn hole in her retina... make ever gesture and take ever opportunity to lead her to door and to trolley and to way home.

You see... I spend 8 plus years livin mostly out of doors, then all most 10 months in kennel just hopin for home of dreams. Well, now I got it! And while I like goin places and doin things... when I ready go home, I ready go home!

Can blame me?

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