Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 269:

The Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig, Zeke and Rizzo give me Happy Hips!!!
And my Aunt Dav celebrate wif me and the Mom!

And they also give me green fire hydrant what make funny noise!!!
Hope the Mom don't never push this off bed in middle of night,
on a counta it hysterical when it shake!!!

Oooooohhhh... ahhhhhhh...
and the Aunt Karen make me some jammies!!!
(what they say bout storm??? why I thought storm gone!!!)

I feel like such special boy all ways,
and never made secret bout how much I love the Aunt Karen...
but now she gone and done this(???)... not to mention my cake.


Aunt Dav give me Grinny what I can tell you right now... good suckin! And just so the Bleu don't feel the left out, she also give me (ok, we share...) the rolly polly piggy!

Good suckin boaf em... in spite of sharin. Just sayin.

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