Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 269: Presence Is My Loot!

Scratchin my head on a counta cannot believe peoples would come out on rainy day, to just be wif me to celebrate my birfday...

I feel little like I stole this day... from all who did so much to make it special. I just so... honored. And I feel so loved.

I reflect on the day... and lean into the Mom. And she get a bit teary... on a counta we boaf so grateful, so amazed by love and support...

So sincere thanks and not necessarily in this order on a counta I grateful to my core, and the Mom to that place in her heart that can't help but think bout where she was... let alone where I was on ninf birfday... (and that subject for nother blog entry or psychologist... I forget which)

To Uncles Michael and Josh for making the wonderful facilities of Pet Paradise (where I spent some happy days... pre-the-Mom!) available for my birfday gatherin!

To Aunt Karen for makin all the arrangements, calmin the Mom and for the most fabulous cake! And also to the Uncle Craig and Bishop Boys for good sense of humor and fine display of boaf swimmin and appetite!

To Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom... what can I say when you cancel retreat... what you need... in order to be wif the Luke??? Me and the Mom (and ok, the Bleu) got no words wifout gettin choke up on counta we come to think no day special wifout you in it!!! And boy o boy did you make this day special!!! And it would be no celebration atall wifout the Herd and gotta say, I miss the Porter today... she and I get off on somewhat rocky start but we get long just great now... and I count on Herd to make sure she get party favor what belong to her!

And to the Aunt Lisa and the Cousin Sidney... I ever so grateful you come to my birfday party!!! I honored you read my blog, think it funny and care enough to leave comment... but makin special effort to come out on rainy (and lets face it...) miserable day to help me celebrate birfday... that just mean more to me than can xpress...! It fun to plot wif the Aunt Karen, and it fun to the see surprise on the Aunt Madison's face! GRRH, to me... like I'm sure for the Sidney... means salvation, but it also means FAMILY! And I happy happy HAPPY to meet my Aunt Lisa and Cousin Sidney!!!

To the Aunt Dav... From me to you, case you forgot... I need thank you again for tellin the Mom you think... "Luke the one"... And for drivin all way from other side of world on my birfday in storm and froo closed freeway and for embracin big dawgs and holdin leashes and bringin GRRH donations and comfortin me when you knew all I wanted to do was get in trolley and go home... I have but two things to say... I love you for ever bit of support you been to me and love you given me... and that been lots. And two, I love that (and how) you love the my Mom!

And to Aunt Diana and Cousin Collin... I so happy you join me in my birfday celebration! You not just great fun... but also remind me of first memories of Pet Paradise... when a handsome and funny and caring "little man"... pet me and and play and run wif me! That time was almost as special as this... and I thank you for sharin this day wif me!

And to the Cousin Shiner... who still under bed right now... I so sorry you miss play yard and pool and mostly... cake! If any body understand last minute cancellation due to imminate threat and retreat to bunker... trust me... it ME! You did right thing bout shelterin in place! Me and you don't need special occasion to hang leashes!

Just sayin...

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Anonymous said...

It was our pleasure, Sweetie!

Lisa and Sidney